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  Employee Pre-tax Benefits.... Improve company benefit packages.

Employees save  dollars on rising healthcare costs.

Employers also save on payroll taxes.

Everyone WINS!


Rising Healthcare Costs?

Flexible Spending Accounts are one tool to help alleviate the escalating costs of healthcare. Pre-Tax benefits are like an increase in pay!





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Cafeteria Plan Advisors, An Alera Group Company                                                 

Our Mission is simple: to provide exceptional service to our many clients and their employees in the administration of Employer provided benefits.

Our Services Include

Premium Only Plan (POP)

Allows for pre tax (salary reduction) of insurance premiums.

Flexible Spending Healthcare Accounts - (FSA)

Allows for pre tax (salary reduction) and reimbursement of qualified out of  pocket medical  expenses. What is FSA eligible?

Flexible Spending Dependent Care Account - (FSA)

Allows for pre tax (salary reduction) and reimbursement of qualified dependent care expenses.

Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)

Allows for reimbursement of health care expenses. Very diverse in plan designs. Can be grouped with high deductible insurance packages, covering percentages or portions of deductibles, or designed for co-pays or full section 213 expenses (similar to FSA plans) and is 100% funded by Employer.

Transportation Accounts

Allows for pre tax (salary reduction) and reimbursement of qualified parking and Transportation expenses.

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services to Employers regarding their pre-taxed or tax favored benefit benefits. This includes a review, feasibility and cost analysis for employer sponsored plans.                     

Cafeteria Plan Advisors has partnered with FSA Store to provide a resource for participants to learn about Flex Spending Accounts, including Over-The-Counter changes, as well as find out what items are eligible and even purchase items online.  Check it out!