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                          DEBIT CARD Pointers


If you recently received a DEBIT CARD and would like to ACTIVATE the card then hit the following  secure link:  Card Activation

Card Activation Link - Allows the cardholder to activate their card via the web using their cardholder id and zip code.


Not all employers offer the cards so check with your HR department first.

For those clients that do offer the debit cards, everyone who participates in the FSA Medical account will receive two (2) cards, with the employees name on both cards. Your spouse or adult child should sign the second card. 


IMPORTANT: KEEP YOUR CARD for the next plan year. When you re-enroll we will add the new election value to your existing card.


It is always important to know your available balance prior to using your card, if you attempt to use the card for more than your balance the card transaction will be rejected. To log in to your account: Sign-in


Where can you use your card? Cards will work at most pharmacy's, dental offices, vision centers and  medical establishments (doctors office, labs, hospitals, etc) where they accept cards.


For Flex Spending Healthcare Plans that utilize the Debit Cards, the cards can be used for Medical, Vision and Dental expenses. The cards will also work for Co-pays and OTC eligible items. If for some reason the card does not work or there is no card function offered by the provider simply pay for the eligible item with another means and submit a manual claim (Claim forms are available on this website and require a copy of the eligible expense/bill).


The IRS requires that all receipts be saved, as you may be required to submit additional information about your claim, even though it has been processed through the use of the Debit Card.








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